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our experience

We find, import, distribute and sell wines of distinction to discriminating restaurants, retailers and hospitality groups. Regardless of price or region, we provide outstanding wines, of impeccable provenance, which convey the unique circumstances of their creation – the combination of weather, soil and human intervention called terroir. These great wines are the product of passionate producers – artists who view the wine they make as their canvas. We are proud to carry these wines and are pleased to offer them to you.  

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distinctive & unique

In our wanderings through the world of fine wines, we constantly search for artisan producers whose passion and vision speak loudly to our own wine passions; producers whose wines are reflections of themselves and are honest representations of their time, place and the unique circumstances of their creation. Crafted with care and precision, we’re thrilled to represent these producers in the US market and to bring these compelling wines to a wider audience.


limited editions

discovering hidden gems

With extensive producer and trade relationships throughout most of the world’s great wine regions, we are often able to uncover wines from noted producers, with bottle age and superior, direct-from-the-cellar provenance, but which are the last of their kind. These opportunistic, usually limited parcels, are our hidden gems and enable our customers to acquire aged wines from renowned producers, at their peak maturity and at prices that are accessible to a wide variety of buyers.


library wines

an unmatched portfolio of iconic wines

In addition to the exceptional wineries we represent on an exclusive basis in the markets we serve, we also hold a vast array of some of the finest, most highly coveted wines on the planet, across a wide spread of current and prior vintages. These icons need no introduction - they are among the most sought-after and well-known wines on the planet. You will find that our portfolio of these iconic wines is unmatched.