the wine trust®


Our company began in the mid-1970s with a simple mission. We purchased the world’s greatest wines upon release and stored them under optimal conditions to allow them to mature gradually. When these wines had reached their drinking peak, they were sold to merchants and restaurants who shared our pursuit of vinous perfection. In those years, the world’s greatest wines were largely produced by a small group of estates in Bordeaux, yet even those wines were often sold far too young and in poor condition.

Over the intervening decades, much has changed. No longer is Bordeaux the primary region producing great wines and no longer are great wines available only to the fortunate few. Great wines are now produced the world over and can be found at virtually every price point, from the prosaic to the princely. And so, The Wine Trust has changed. While Bordeaux remains at the core of our business, we now boast an extensive and constantly updated portfolio of superb wines from most of the world’s great wine regions. And, while we still carry an unrivaled selection of wines from the most exalted and legendary producers, our portfolio now includes numerous wines from the most exciting legends-in-the-making, as well as passionate but under-the-radar producers. Indeed, we sell great wine for every budget and circumstance.

However, some elements of our business have not changed. We still focus on sourcing and selling wines of distinction to discriminating restaurants, retailers and hospitality groups. Regardless of price or region, we still provide wines of impeccable provenance which convey the unique circumstances of their creation – the combination of weather, soil and human intervention called terroir. These great wines are the product of passionate producers – artists who view the wine they make as their canvas. We are proud to carry these wines and are proud to offer them to you, ready to be consumed.